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08.02.2020 21:27:31
He felt really nervous on all three attempts on this height. That means the competition is over and Tom Gale is winner. What a performance. Thats all from me, I wish you a pleasant day and see you next year. Good night!
08.02.2020 21:18:28
Now he decided to rise bar at 235 cm, what could be a new world lead.
08.02.2020 21:16:17
Tom Gale is making a stunning performance! He is now qualified for Tokyo with flawless jump at 233 cm!
08.02.2020 21:13:22
Sylwester Bednarek wasnt successful and now its time for last word in this competition by Tom Gale.
08.02.2020 21:11:46
Jamal Wilson was very close and put the bar down just with his legs. Thats really unfortunate.
08.02.2020 21:09:38
Not a single successful jump on 233 cm in second attempts - but Tom Gale was very close.
08.02.2020 21:05:50
Three last jumpers all showed very close attempts but nobody get over the height 233 cm.
08.02.2020 21:03:00
Edgar Rivera kept his last attempt for 233 cm but he didnt sail over anyway.
08.02.2020 21:00:41
Jamal Wilson made some huge jump on 230 cm! Mathew Sawe and Enrique Zayas tried their bests but it wasnt enough!
08.02.2020 20:58:06
Tom Gale and Sylwester Bednarek are first to clear 230 cm!
08.02.2020 20:51:27
All the athletes will be correcting, nobody of them was successful with first attempt.
08.02.2020 20:46:28
6 high jumpers are still fighting for victory - Sawe, Rivera, Castro, Zayas, Wilson, Bednarek and Gale.
08.02.2020 20:45:22
Marek Bahník and Matúš Bubeník both didnt manage to get over 227 cm but they had really good attempts. Maksim Nedasekau and also Guowei Zhang are out. We are moving on up to 230 cm.
08.02.2020 20:35:11
Edgar Rivera has just jumped easily 227 cm and he has still perfect scoreboard. He makes a company with Enrique Zayas, Jamal Wilson and also Tom Gale.
08.02.2020 20:26:38
A few more competitors ends at 224 cm - Donald Thomas, Chris Baker and Luis Castro. Both Marek Bahník and Matúš Bubeník showed some big clearences. The bar is going on 227 cm.
08.02.2020 20:14:24
Only 4 of competitors are now in situation that they dont have to make corrections. It is Rivera, Zhang, Wilson a Bednarek.
08.02.2020 20:00:16
The competition is getting its quality - only 3 high jumpers didnt sail over 220 cm on first try, and all of them did on second. We are moving on to 224 cm.
08.02.2020 19:47:14
Chris Moleya doesnt have a good day. He didnt have a good single attempt at 215 cm - he is the first to quit. 13 competitors continue to 220 cm.
08.02.2020 19:44:36
Chris Moleya, Guowei Zhang a Luis Castro should be nervous. Theier jumps at 215 cm werent good, so they have to correct them to maintain.
08.02.2020 19:35:26
Both czech a slovak competitors did easily also 215 cm.
08.02.2020 19:34:22
Martin Heindl is forced to end up his trying due to his achilles heel injury. Wilson and Thomas both didnt have any problems with second attempts.
08.02.2020 19:31:17
Martin Heind, Donald Thomas and Jamal Wilson are the only guys who didnt sail over 210 cm.
08.02.2020 19:23:18
Everything is ready for start, Martin Heindl is the first to try opening height of 210 cm.
08.02.2020 18:42:46
With that attempt womens competition ends, mens one starts at 19:00.
08.02.2020 18:42:06
Nikki Manson decided to raise the bar at 196 cm, so she could try new scotish record. Unfortunately she wasnt successful.
08.02.2020 18:39:15
Iryna Gerashchenko wasnt successful at 195 cm with her last attemp - Nikki Manson is the winner of women category.
08.02.2020 18:35:09
Morgan Lake ends up with 193 cm, Iryna Gerashchenko has kept her last attempt for 195 cm. Nikki Manson was the only one flawless!
08.02.2020 18:29:05
First attempts didnt tell us anything about winner - they werent good, all three women will be correcting.
08.02.2020 18:24:56
Almost nobody maintained on 190 cm corrections. Only Morgan Lake did, so we have only three last competitors - Lake, Gerashchenko and Manson. They are preparing for 193 cm.
08.02.2020 18:16:07
After second attempts we still dont have any other successful women at 190 cm.
08.02.2020 18:10:34
Is 190 going to be a nightmare for these women? Only Nikki Manson and Iryna Gerashchenko cleared 190 cm on first attempt from the whole start field.
08.02.2020 18:03:53
Next height has been set at 190 cm.
08.02.2020 18:03:05
Philippa Rogan and unfortunately Klára Krejčiříková are both out after thirds attempts.
08.02.2020 18:00:21
New lifetime bast for Bára Sajdoková! With her were also successful Marija Vukovič, Yiliya Chumachenko and Iryna Gerashenko.
08.02.2020 17:59:30
Nový osobní rekord pro Báru Sajdokovou! Spolu s ní úspěšně opravily druhými pokusy Marija Vukovič, Yuliya Chumachenko a Iryna Gerashchenko.
08.02.2020 17:55:31
Duo Rogan - Vukovič will try to get over 187 cm with next attempts, so do both czech girls, Levern Spencer, Yuliya Chumachenko and Iryna Gerashchenko.
08.02.2020 17:45:18
Nadezhda Dusanova is unfortunately first women to leave the competition.
08.02.2020 17:44:51
Philippa Rogan, Bethan Partridge a Levern Spencer showed us that previous attempt was just some kind of random error. Marija Vukovič and Nadezhda Dusanova have last chance to maintain in the competition.
08.02.2020 17:40:25
Five athletes will try to deal with corrections. We are really pleasured that neither of them is Czech.
08.02.2020 17:33:21
Nadezhda Dusanova had to jump also the third attempt. Fortunately it was successful and she is able to continue at 1,84 m.
08.02.2020 17:29:58
Only 2 high jumpers will be correcting at 1,80 m - Nadezhda Dusanova and Klára Krejčiříková. The rest will continue at 184 cm with perfect scorecard.
08.02.2020 17:20:31
Another 8 competitors joined the competiton at the height of 175 cm. Every attempt was clean and successful.
08.02.2020 17:15:33
Opening height has been set at 170 cm, Klára Krejčiříkova, one of two czech athletes. She didnt have any problems. Immediately after was successful also Bára Sajdoková.
08.02.2020 17:04:51
Ambasadors presentation has already finished, the main women competition will start in a few minutes.
08.02.2020 16:03:13
Thank you for watching, I will be back at 17:00, when main women competition starts.
08.02.2020 16:01:31
Neither of high jumpers didnt manage to get over 223 cm. This means the competition is over and the winner is Nicolas De Luca due to a better scorecard.
08.02.2020 15:55:10
Will Grimsey hasnt cleared 223 cm yet as well.
08.02.2020 15:53:52
Nicolas De Luca just ran through, we will see how concentrated will he be for his last attempt.
08.02.2020 15:51:29
Nobody of them was successful on first attempt.
08.02.2020 15:50:29
Dániél Jankovics didnt manage to sail over 220 cm, victory-duel is now only between Wil Grimsey and Nicolas De Luca.
08.02.2020 15:46:26
Nicolas De Luca took a very good attempt to clear 220 cm on first attempt!
08.02.2020 15:45:18
Andreas Steinmetz and Akin Coward both didnt jump 217 cm. Will Grimsey is keeping his attemps for 220 cm and the rest had no problems.
08.02.2020 15:41:47
Nicolas De Luca is the only competitor who managed the height 217 cm with his first attempt. The rest will have to face corrections.
08.02.2020 15:37:06
Akin Coward had to deal with problems on 214 cm but he mastered his third attempt and stays in competition. Bar will be rised to 217 cm.
08.02.2020 15:31:38
All Czech athletes are out of the competition! Both Jan Szyszkowicz and Matěj Klukan did their best on 210 cm but it wasnt enought. Andreas Steinmetz, Akin Coward, Dániél Jankovics, Nicolas De Luca a Will Grimsey are the last five to continue in the fight for victory.
08.02.2020 15:24:06
Only 7 competitors will try their bests on 210 cm, because Vojtěch Tadeáš Hacuš, Domonkos Deutsch, Jan Vojtek and Lukáš Kozárek all couldnt put their technique together on 205 cm.
08.02.2020 15:14:15
After many corrections was only Matthew Ashely the one who leaves the competition. 11 men left, they are moving to 205 cm.
08.02.2020 15:00:22
Three of Czech competitors wanted too much, but they werent able to sail over 195 cm - Petr Posel, Ondřej Tesař and Tomáš Dočkal are all out. Bar height is now set on 200 cm.
08.02.2020 14:54:08
Ryan Webb unfortunately quits the competition after 190 cm clearence, the reason is some kind of muscle injury.
08.02.2020 14:50:36
There were no problems with the height of 190 cm. As expected, we are going for 195 cm.
08.02.2020 14:42:12
Men B has already started, only Tomáš Dočkal had problems on 185 cm but he concentrated well and was successful with third attempt.
08.02.2020 14:22:22
Programme has over one hour delay, that means the results will be presented as fast as possible and mens B category will start in a while.
08.02.2020 14:21:02
She wont. She couldnt get her technique together and failed also the last attempt. This means that women B competition is also over.
08.02.2020 14:18:06
Luca Renner didnt get over 182 cm, Borthwick has one attempt left. Will she be able to steal the victory?
08.02.2020 14:15:36
Bar is going to 182 cm.
08.02.2020 14:15:11
Luca Renner and Emily Borthwick are the last of women field. U20 category has just ended, because both Hannah Moat and Carmen Neat werent able to sail over 179 cm.
08.02.2020 14:07:57
Simona Tichá wasnt successful on 175 cm, Katalin Kriszt didnt jump this height as well. Next stop is 179 cm with 4 women remaining.
08.02.2020 14:02:33
Nobody was favorable with first attempt on 175 cm.
08.02.2020 13:59:55
Horváthová, Vlčková, Přibylová a Natasha Smith - they all also end up their trying on 170 cm. Six competitors left.
08.02.2020 13:57:15
Both Kristýna Pacltová and Alena Levková didnt get over 170 centimeteres, therefore Simona Tichá is the winner of U18.
08.02.2020 13:55:00
In total, 7 racers need successful third attempt on 170 cm or they are out.
08.02.2020 13:44:30
Excepting Klára Klementová, Pullin Ellie and Craig Shannon are both out as well. We will continue on 170 cm.
08.02.2020 13:42:58
Unfortunatelly, Klára Klementová didnt sail over 165 cm, which means that she ends up fourth in U18 comeptition. The winner will be Alena Levková, Kristýna Pacltová or Simona Tichá.
08.02.2020 13:38:32
Seven competitors will be correcting 165 centimeteres, the rest of the women have already joined the competition.
08.02.2020 13:31:08
Simona Butkovská and Nikola Langhansová will not continue in the competition due to their failure on 160 cm.
08.02.2020 13:19:35
Corrections werent successful for 8 competitors. In U18 category stay only 4 last girls.
08.02.2020 13:12:58
Ten women will have to face at least one correction. We will see in a few minutes, how many of them will be favorable.
08.02.2020 13:02:05
All the competitors were successful on 150 cm, we can move five centimetres higher.
08.02.2020 12:51:59
Height 145 was too much for Marie Vrbová and Kristýna Petrová. Bar is going on 150 cm.
08.02.2020 12:41:15
There were no problems on 140 cm, so we can leisurely move on to 145 cm.
08.02.2020 12:37:40
Nikola Škanderová is the first to leave the competition. She did so immediately after first height.
08.02.2020 12:34:35
Women competitions have started, we are now jumping on 140 cm.
08.02.2020 12:18:45
This means that U18 and U20 competitions are both over. We will soon continue with same women categories + women B. Main program starts at 17:00 with women competition and 19:00 with mens competition. We can look forward to see Chris Baker, Maksim Nedasekau or Guowei Zhang. The most favorite women are Morgan Lake, Levern Spencer and Iryna Gerashchenko.
08.02.2020 12:08:46
Kelechi Agoucha wanted to try 225 cm but he decided to end up the competition after first unsuccessful attempt.
08.02.2020 12:03:20
What a performance from Kelechi Agoucha! His second attempt on 222 cm was simply perfect! It means new personal best and also win in the competition - Sam Brereton didnt sail over this height.
08.02.2020 11:59:53
Sam Brereton decided to keep his 2 attemps for 222 cm, first of them wasnt bad but also wasnt successful.
08.02.2020 11:57:17
Kelechi Agoucha is on fire! He did a monster jump on 220 cm, according to his very emotive reaction is clear that he just jumped a new personal best.
08.02.2020 11:53:42
Sam Brereton showed us some brilliant clearence! He wasnt able to get over on first or second attempt but his third one was excellent! The bar will be set on 220 cm.
08.02.2020 11:47:42
Kelechi Agoucha is successful with his first attempt!
08.02.2020 11:46:40
We will soon finally know the winner - because both Czech entrants, Ben Henkes and Lionel Strasser didnt sail over 212 cm. Kelechi Agoucha and Sam Brereton decided to move on to 216 cm.
08.02.2020 11:36:31
The bar has been set on 212 cm, 6 high jumpers are still racing.
08.02.2020 11:35:07
Jan Štefela and Ben Henkes both had to do some corrections on 209 cm, Jan Štefela did that very confidentaly, Ben Henkes will also continue after very lucky third attempt.
08.02.2020 11:28:01
6 entrants are still fighting for win on 206 cm. Unbelievably all the attemps were totally clear and after two minutes is bar going on 209 cm.
08.02.2020 11:23:21
203 cm was to much for Charlie Knott. He was the last in U18 competition, so his winning attempt had been done on 200 cm.
08.02.2020 11:16:48
Libor Škovránek with Jakub Kunt both had to undertake three attempts on 200 cm, neither of them was successful.
08.02.2020 11:09:35
We saw some corrections on 197 cm but everybody was successful. The bar is going on 2 meteres.
08.02.2020 11:04:44
Nobody had problems on 194 centimetres, so we can easily move on to 197 cm.
08.02.2020 10:59:22
Charlie Knott is the last one who is still trying his best in the U18 comeptition. We also have 8 U20 entrants on height 194 cm.
08.02.2020 10:56:01
191 cm has just became a nightmare for a lot of competetors. Three of them didnt have enough luck to sail over this height.
08.02.2020 10:49:35
Petr Smolík leaves the competition on 188 cm. His last successful clearence was on 184 cm. We are moving on to 191 cm.
08.02.2020 10:40:31
Roman Prokop is next who will not continue in the competition.
08.02.2020 10:39:01
Roman Prokop je dalším, který nebude v závodě dále pokračovat. Stopku mu vystavila laťka ve výšce 184 cm.
08.02.2020 10:34:17
180 cm was too much for Dominik Martinka, as we move on to 184 cm.
08.02.2020 10:29:50
We have three less entrants in the competition, because Erik Slatinský, Zbyněk Pecha and Matouš Pospíšil didnt jump 175 cm.
08.02.2020 10:26:53
The biggest favourites from Great Britain will join the competition at 180 cm, respectively 188 cm.
08.02.2020 10:20:34
Šimon Čech is the first to leave the competition. He couldnt get over 170 cm.
08.02.2020 10:15:26
Almost everybody starts at 1,70 meter, after few attemps we will surely see some corrections.
08.02.2020 10:11:29
A few U20 entrants joined the competition on 160 cm, they were all successful.
08.02.2020 10:10:06
Only 3 entrants decided to start on 155 cm, nobody of them had problems.
08.02.2020 10:03:22
There are 5 competetors in U18 category, 15 boys will fight for a win in category U20.
08.02.2020 09:56:29
We can see on the field last warm up, in a few minutes U18 and U20 shared competition will be started.
06.02.2020 14:32:14
The competition is over today but we will continue on Saturday. At 10 a.m. we will start with the U 17, U 19 and Men B categories. The opening ceremony will start at 4:30 p.m. and then the main competition will start. The main guest will be The world record maker Javier Sotomayor from Cuba.
06.02.2020 14:25:26
This category was the last today.
06.02.2020 14:24:54
The winner is jan Donneberger. Second is David Kovář and the third place belongs to Jiří Sedláček.
06.02.2020 14:16:09
He was not able to jump over 188 cm today and the competition is now over.
06.02.2020 14:11:24
He managed to jump over 184 cm and the next height will be 188 cm.
06.02.2020 14:06:44
He managed to jump over 180 cm and another height he will attempt is 184 cm.
06.02.2020 14:05:33
His first try was not successful.
06.02.2020 14:05:14
The bar is raised by another 5 cm.
06.02.2020 14:03:37
Only Jan Donneberger was successfull.
06.02.2020 14:01:08
Both managed to jump over 170 cm and continue to 175 cm.
06.02.2020 14:00:38
Another height is 170 cm. 2 boys still in the competition.
06.02.2020 13:56:07
Only 3 boys continue to the height 165 cm.
06.02.2020 13:41:34
The bar is raised to 155 cm.
06.02.2020 13:40:52
13 boys are still in the competition.
06.02.2020 13:38:16
6 boys did not manag the height 150 cm.
06.02.2020 13:30:56
Another height is 150 cm.
06.02.2020 13:30:46
4 boys did not jump over 145 cm.
06.02.2020 13:20:37
The bar is now raised by further 5 cm to 145 cm.
06.02.2020 13:20:05
2 boys will not continue in the competition anymore.
06.02.2020 13:10:47
The next height will be 140 cm.
06.02.2020 13:10:32
All boys were successful again.
06.02.2020 13:04:48
All young athletes managed to jump over 130 cm and now continue to 135 cm.
06.02.2020 13:00:57
21 boys continue to the height 130 cm.
06.02.2020 13:00:40
One athlete did not manage to jump over the base height.
06.02.2020 12:53:59
The competition starts now.
06.02.2020 12:41:50
The base height will be 125 cm.
06.02.2020 12:41:34
The competition of U 15 boys follows.
06.02.2020 12:38:21
The winner and District Champion is Tereza Němečková from ZŠ Břeclav Slovácká
06.02.2020 12:37:20
Karin Krejčiříková from SK Atletika Hustopeče ended up second
06.02.2020 12:35:55
3rd place belongs to Tereza Myšková from JAC Brno.
06.02.2020 12:27:51
156 cm was too high for all 3 girls so the competition is over now.
06.02.2020 12:20:20
3 girls jumped over 153 cm and will continue to the 156 cm.
06.02.2020 12:10:50
7 girls continue to the height 153 cm
06.02.2020 12:01:59
Another height will be 149 cm and there are 11 girls in the competition now
06.02.2020 11:51:49
the bar is now in a height 145 cm
06.02.2020 11:43:57
Another height is 140 cm
06.02.2020 11:34:53
One girl did not manage to jump over this height. Others continue to the height 135 cm
06.02.2020 11:25:19
All girls continue to the height 130 cm
06.02.2020 11:19:57
another height will be 125 cm
06.02.2020 11:19:39
1 girl did not manage to jump over the base height
06.02.2020 11:16:46
the competition starts with 21 athletes competing
06.02.2020 11:16:06
the base height will be 120 cm
06.02.2020 11:07:51
The competiton of U 15 girls will start in few minutes.
06.02.2020 10:56:24
second place belongs to Vojtěch Homola and jakub Sýkora is third
06.02.2020 10:55:54
the winner is Jakub Jordán who managed to jump over 149 cm
06.02.2020 10:44:47
Another height is 149 cm and there are 3 boys still competing
06.02.2020 10:41:49
All of them successful and can continue to 146 cm
06.02.2020 10:37:56
4 boys continue to the height 143 cm
06.02.2020 10:34:06
Another height is 140 cm
06.02.2020 10:32:19
5 boys could not manage to jump over 135 cm
06.02.2020 10:23:34
12 boys still in the competition
06.02.2020 10:23:03
Another height will be 130 cm
06.02.2020 10:18:21
13 boys continue to the height 125 cm
06.02.2020 10:13:59
All 14 boys continue to the 120 cm
06.02.2020 10:13:44
All boys were successful at the base height 110 cm and they can continue to 115 cm
06.02.2020 10:05:55
The competition starts now.
06.02.2020 10:03:23
There are 14 boys in the competition
06.02.2020 10:00:29
We start with the height 110 cm
06.02.2020 09:50:16
In few minutes the U 13 boys competition starts
06.02.2020 09:45:29
The winner of the U 13 category girls is Nikola Seďova from SK Atletika Hustopeče
06.02.2020 09:37:14
After some struggles all girls can continue to 139cm
06.02.2020 09:36:48
All girls can now continue to the height 136cm.
06.02.2020 09:36:14
There are 3 girls in the competition.
06.02.2020 09:35:58
Another height will be 133 cm
06.02.2020 09:25:36
There is still 6 girls in the competition and they will try to jump over the height 130 cm
06.02.2020 09:19:37
Another height will be 125 cm
06.02.2020 09:14:05
Now we continue with the height 120 cm. There are 14 girls in the competition.
06.02.2020 09:07:37
The next height will be 115 cm. There is still17 girls in the competition.
06.02.2020 09:05:20
All girls can now continue to the 110 cm
06.02.2020 09:04:23
category U 13 Girls starts now (height 105 cm)
06.02.2020 09:02:10
Today, the audience at the sports hall will be able to see youth categories from the whole region.
06.02.2020 09:00:46
Welcome at the Hustopečské Skákání AGROTEC 2020