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22. ROČNÍK HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5. 2. 2022, memoriál Mileny Rezkové - Hübnerové

Will women finally break two meters?


The organizers of the Hustopeče High Jump Meeting Agrotec 2022 are planning to focus on the women´s competition with the intent to overcome the hight of 2 meters. One of the candidates to achieve this goal may be Iryna Gerashchenko from Ukraine, 4th at the Olympics in Tokyo. She has also won a silver medal at the Indoor European Championship in 2021. Her PB is 199 cm and she would like to finally conquer the height of 2 meters on Saturday 5th of February, in Hustopece. She is very well acquainted with Hustopece Municipal Sports Hall and competing conditions here and she believes that the spectators will help her to succeed.