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22. ROČNÍK HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5. 2. 2022, memoriál Mileny Rezkové - Hübnerové

Jaroslav Baba is the record-breaker in the number


Looking back at Hustopece High Jump meeting 1999 – 2018 (part 1)

Jaroslav Baba is the record-breaker in the number of starts in Hustopeče

In the previous 19 years of Hustopeče High Jump meeting, audience could see 114 men and 106 women from all over the worldin aseniorgroup A. Undoubtedly, the most of them were the competitors from Czech Republic. For instance, Jaroslav Bába hasn’t attended only 4 meetings out of 19 which makes him the absolute record-breaker in the number of starts at Hustopeče. He missed the first 2 years of Hustopečské Skákání and then he couldn’t compete because of his injuries in 2006 and 2017. Right behind him is Slovakian athlete Petr Horák who attended 13 meetings and Ivan Uchov from Russia with 7 starts. In his case, the number could have been higher but there has been the disqualification of Russian athletes by IAAF that prevented him from participation. From the current competitors, Sylwester Bednarek is the one with the highest number of starts. This year it is going to be his 6th start in a group A.

Another interesting fact is that 51 athletes had came back to Hustopeče at least once after their first appearance in our sports hall.

Among women, another Czech competitors have dominated in this category. Those were Oldřiška Marešová and Iva Straková both attended 8 times, Romana Dubnova attended 7 times and Barbora Lalákova 6 times. If we add the foreign women, the audience in Hustopeče could see Ariane Friedrich (Germany), Svetlana Shkolina (Russia), Kamila Stepaniuk (Poland), Diana Lázníčková (Slovakia), Ana Šimic (Croatia) and Levern Spencer (Saint Lucia) the most. Overall, 45 women have competed in Hustopeče at least twice.