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22. ROČNÍK HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5. 2. 2022, memoriál Mileny Rezkové - Hübnerové

Jungfleisch and Mögenburg coming to Hustopeče


Jungfleisch and Mögenburg coming to Hustopeče

The best Czech high jump meeting and one of the ten best specialized meetings according to, Hustopečské skákání 2017 will offer not only a fantastic start list for women and men categories, filled with world-class jumpers, but also a chance to meet the stars themselves, led by Olympic champion and world record holder Dietmar Mögenburg. It is also a great honor that this year’s meeting is governed by our Minister of Education, Mgr. Kateřina Valachová, Ph.D. “We see it as a recognition of our work and all our efforts over the last 18 years.” Said Zbyněk Háder, meeting’s director.

Fantastic women competition is imminent

We are expecting a great battle of talents in the Women category. Considering the start list, heights not far from the meeting’s very best are sure to be cleared, the record being at 200 cm for Ariane Friedrich, Germany. Sofie Skoog, Morgen Lake and Yulie Levchenko will be accompanied by the German number one, which translates to world number two, Maria L. Jungfleisch (PB 200 cm). It will be her first appearance at the Hustopečské skákání. This fantastic talent aims high, clearing 200 cm only last year. This feat gets her the second best jump ever, not far behind the world number one Chaunte Lowe, US. The only thing missing from her collection is a medal from a larger meeting. She always managed to fight through to the very finals, with a medal just barely out of reach. Finishing 7th in the World Championship in Rio de Janeiro and 5th from the European Championship in Amsterdam. The year before, in Beijing, Jungfleisch finished 6th. In 2014 she secured 8th place in the Indoor World Championhsiop and won 5th place in European Championship from Zuchich. It is thus no surprise that this year she aims to win the London World Championship, Hustopeče are thus one of the inevitable stops in her path to victory. Marie Jungfleisch is also the favourite to win the golden chalice of the Milena Hübnerová-Rezková memorial, hosted by the Klub českých olympioniků.

Another star coming to Hustopeče is Marija Vukovic (PB 195 cm) from Montenegro. The former junior world champion returns to the top 20 world jumpers after spending some time off due to an injury. We believe her performance on Saturday will be fantastic. Eliška Klučinová (PB 190 cm) is another star that will be testing her skills in the Saturday competition. Finishing bronze in the Indoor World Championship in Prague, which was her first appearance at a meeting of such a scale. Appreciating the overall atmosphere of such a meeting she is looking forward to competing with the best jumpers of the world.


Dietmar Mögenburg will be supporting his daughter Katarina

The Men category will bring high jump titans together, competing for the victory – Jaroslav Bába, Chris Baker (2nd in the world) and Konstantinos Baniotis, high jump matador. However, these are not the only jumpers that could influence the final score. Dmytro Demyanyuk from Ukraine, with PB at 235 cm, is coming to Hustopeče and hopes to prove his form after injury. Edgar Rivera from Mexico, with PB at 230 cm from 2016, also hopes to attack the upmost positions, his track record proves that Moravian meetings are indeed his lucky charm. Clearing his PB won him gold in Brno last year. He also made an appearance in Ostrava Junior World Championship, finishing 5th. Takashi Eto (PB 229 cm) and Vasilis Constantinou (PB 228 cm from Hustopečské skákání 2016) will also be competing for the ultimate gold.

Start list 2017

Women Men
Name Country PB [cm] Name Country PB [cm]
Marie Laurence Jungfleisch GER 200 Chris Baker GBR 238
Tonje Angelsen NOR 197 Jaroslav Bába CZE 237
Marija Vokovic MNE 195 Dmytro Demyanyuk UKR 235
Yuliya Levchenko UKR 195 Konstadinos Baniotis GRE 234
Doreen Amata NGR 195 Sylwester Bednarek POL 232
Sofie Skoog SWE 194 Matúš Bubeník SVK 231
Morgan Lake GBR 194 Edgar Rivera MEX 230
Katarina Mögenburg NOR 190 Takashi Eto JAP 229
Lada Pejchalová CZE 190 Allan Smith GBR 229
Eliška Klučinová CZE 190 Vasilis Constantinou CYP 228
Martin Heindl CZE 222


U13 boys Daniel Kolečník, SG Brno 170 cm 1999
U15 boys Daniel Kolečník, SG Brno 201 cm 2001
U17 boys Jiří Křehula, MS Brno 208 cm 1999
Andu Nuh, Quatar 208 cm 2016
Junior men Jaroslav Bába, SSK Vítkovice 230 cm 2003
Men Ivan Uchov, Rusko 238 cm 2011
Gianmarco Tamberi, Itálie 238 cm 2016
U13 girls Jana Novotná, JAC Brno 160 cm 2012
U15 girls Eliška Buchlovská, JAC Brno 171 cm 2013
Jana Novotná, JAC Brno 171 cm 2013
U17 girls Eliška Buchlovská, JAC Brno 180 cm 2015
Junior women Maria Kuchina, Rusko 193 cm 2012
Michaela Hrubá, JAC Brno 193 cm 2016
Women Ariane Friedrich, Německo 200 cm 2009



Time Schedule of Hustopečské skákání 2017

Thursday, January 2nd 2017

9.00     U13 girls

10.00   U13 boys

11.45   U15 girls

12.45   U15 boys


Saturday, January 4th 2017

10.00   U17 boys, Junior men

11.30   U17 girls, Junior women, Women B

13.00   Men B

17.00   Women A

19.00   Men A