Hustopečské skákání
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Hustopečské Skákání 2020 has already started.


The introduction day belonged to the youth categories.

Sports fans once again can enjoy the biggest athletic holiday in Hustopeče. The twenty-first year of Hustopečské Skákání started on Thursday, February 6th, with youth categories in which the eighty best athletes from the district of Břeclav, the South Moravian Region and other corners of the republiccompeted. Also, theathletesfrom Hustopeče did great and even won several most valuable medals and made many personal records.

Thursday"s program of Hustopečské Skákání begun with the category U 13 girls, who started at the base height 105 cm. There were 18 competitors, who gradually overcome more and more centimetres. The winner was Nikola Seďová from SK Athletics Hustopeče with a personal best of 141 cm, whose victory was a bit expected. A few weeks ago, thissmall brunette brought a gold medal from the Championship of Moravia and Silesia and coach Zbyněk Háder did not spare praise. "For Nikola, today"s competition was actually a continuation of her increasing condition and I am very happy that she is doing that great," said Háder. Natálie Skálová from JAC Brno became second (136 cm) and third place belonged to Barbora Klementová also from JAC Brno (130 cm).

From a height of 110 cm, the competition of U 13 boys continued, with 14 athletes nominated. Two of them, Jakub Jordán from SK Athletics Hustopeče and Vojtěch Homola from the Velké Němčice Elementary School even got to the attempts at a height of 151 cm. Unfortunately, both their bars fell after all three attempts and thus they became first and second with the same result of 149 centimetres. It was a personal best for Jakub Jordán and he took gold because of his better recordin the race. "Jakub is a basketball player, so he has some problems with the technique, but he really likes high jump so he was rather enjoying the competition than fighting for the victory. But on the other hand, he has a great potential." adds Háder.The third place was won by Jakub Sýkora from the Břeclav Slovácká Elementary School (146 cm).

The competition of older girls (U 15) promised a great battle. At the start there were strong athletes from all over the region, starting on the height 120 cm. The champion from Hustopeče Karin Krejčiříková did great and became among the last three, who tried to overcome 153 cm. Karin succeeded with the support of the whole sports hall and improved her personal best by 3 cm. Unfortunately for her, the same height was also jumped successfullyby Tereza Němečkova from the Elementary school Břeclav-Slovácká, who thanks to her better record in the race took gold. "I didn’t expect much today even though I won last year. But there are girls from Břeclav today, who are really strong opponents. I am very happy how it ended. " confides Krejčiříková. The bronz medal went to Tereza Myšková from JAC Brno.

The highlight of Thursday"s program was the race of the category U 15 boys with 27 competitors, among whom Hustopeče did not have many representatives. The opening jumps started at 125 cm. With some exceptions, everyone held up to 150 cm. The problematic height for the vast majority of competitors was 160 cm, at which Jan Donneberger from AK Olymp Brno entered the race. "My personal best is 187cm, so I didn"t want to start too early to get tired. The guys here have PBs around 160cm, so they started on a base height but I saved my strength." Donneberger explained.

David Kovář from BYAC Brno also kept up with him. He eventually ended the race at a height of 175 cm, which he did not overcome even with the massive support of the audience. Donneberger raised the bar up to 180 cm and was successful there. His solo race eventually ended with a height of 188 cm.

So, the gold goes to AK Olymp Brno, silver is for Jakub Kovář and bronze gained Jiří Sedláček from AK Olymp Brno.Jaroslav Frölich, the only representative from Hustopečebecame the District Champion with his new 155 cm personal best.

Thursday"s competition tested and eventually showed the readiness of the organizers for the main Saturday’srace. "I think today’s competition went great. Both from the organizational point of view, when everything went exactly according to our plan, and alsoin terms ofperformances, because all athletesdid great. "concluded Háder.